Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Dozen Years Ago: A Poem for Our Anniversary

Me being a writer, I often write Laurie something for our anniversaries, birthdays, and other Holidays. Usually I write prose, but occasionally I venture into something else.  This year, I wrote a poem.  Hardly a literary masterpiece but as I thought about where we are after a dozen years together (wow time flies when you are having fun!),  this was what arose from my heart...
July 5, 2003.  The happy couple beginning our life together...
Since many of you friends on Facebook have been part of some aspect of our journey together, I thought I would share this one:

A Dozen Years Ago
A poem written for our 12th anniversary

A dozen years ago the groom was all smiles,
As his bride and Best Friend walked down the aisle .
At Huntingtown church we had our ceremony,
Where three generations of Ward's have joined in matrimony. 
How many pastors for us to tie the knot you ask?
Six including the bride -- now that's quite a lot!
In the Company of Pastors: [Left to right.] Donna Renn, Sandy Taylor, Mark Derby, my bride Laurie,
Brian McLaren, and Carole Silbaugh.  Gosh!   I was the only layperson on the altar. :)
Our wedding party certainly filled Huntingtown's altar. 
Our family has formed us over the years.
Oh there have been challenges, but we have endured,
Though some of the wounds only eternity will cure.
We resemble our relatives and our children likewise,
The past is redeemed when seen through young lives.
New blessings born from a river of tears.

Good, bad, and ugly -- all part of our story.
Sometimes Divine Presence can be hard to trust.
Joy and sorrow, they've been known to commingle.
Maybe most when we're sad, our hearts feel the tingle.
Even deep pain, if we let it, reminds us:
Every moment we live through laced with God's glory.

A dozen years ago I couldn't imagine my life today.
Through all of its rigors, my vows remain the same,
And my love for you has become deeply engrained.
Two becoming one, made stronger by the Third strand.
Adventuring in marriage, but safe in God's hands,
Becoming fully ourselves while following the Way.

How we look now.  Still smiling 12 years later.  
(Taken at a friend's wedding in June.)

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