Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Poem for Valentines Day: What is Love?

What is love?

Love isn’t a law… it is lived poetry.

Love isn’t a duty… it’s our shared destiny.

Love isn’t a smooth path … it is a treacherous way.

Love doesn’t come naturally… we struggle to learn.

Love calls to us from the depths.

We give our all on a quest for love

We pour out ourselves on the altar.

We lay down our lives...

All in the name of love.

Love stays.

Love rejoices.

Love mourns.

Love suffers.

Love believes.

Love endures.

Love hopes.

Love is something we practice now and do for all eternity.

It is the language of God’s kingdom.

It is the music we will sing in heaven.

Love is a lifetime commitment.

Love is living.

Love is learning.

Love is letting go.

Love pours in; love gushes out

What is love?

Three words…

God with us.

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