Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy Fourth Birthday Becca May!

Four years ago yesterday I met this little girl for the first time—see photo.  We had a fun day with a party at her Daycare with all her friends and then a dinner out with her Pop and Granaddie (my parents).  She fell asleep on Mom and Dad's bed last night having thoroughly enjoyed her big day!

I had no clue then what it would be like to have a daughter—especially having had no sisters growing up.  But Becca has shown me the way. She wrapped her tiny fingers around my heart from day one and has taught me what I needed to know.  She's definitely "daddy's little girl" and, though she demands much energy she also gives it; I can't imagine life without her.

Laurie and I also remembered her sister Hope Marie today... as it is also her birthday.   While we try to put the focus on life and celebration of Becca on her birthday, there is no denying the bittersweet reality of the day for us as we remember the daughter who isn't here to celebrate another year of life.  While most have forgotten Hope we, her parents, certainly, haven't.  We plan a trip to Calvert County tomorrow to remember her... 

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