Thursday, January 19, 2017

When Did I Get an Eleven Year Old?!

Dear Brady:

This is an iconic image from the day I became your dad 11 years ago today.  I have this look of wonder don't I?  I think maybe I thought,  "Oh no!  I wonder what I've gotten myself into."   

January 19, 2006—A new dad looks with wonder on his son...
It's fair to say I really didn't know all that lay ahead for us that day.  What new parent really does when he or she gazes upon their firstborn?  We've discovered it walking together day-by-day over the last 11 years.  You taught me just as much about being a dad to a boy as I've taught you about being a son to a dad. By God's grace we've both come a ways since that photo. I now have a daughter and you have a sister (and one more in heaven). As my children have grown I've kept growing too, meeting new challenges with each passing year—or at least I hope I have!  And the teen years will be here all too soon so I'm quite certain: "Much to learn I still have."
It's been a wonderful journey so far Brady—I put some of the photos from just the last few months below.  Your mom and I love you and are proud of the fine young person you've become.  You love baseball, singing, Star Wars, The Simpsons, and Ninjago, Sakura, Szechuan Garden, and more... You like to win when you play games, but you also know winning isn't all that matters.  You are physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.  You are a good Cub Scout and a good person! :).  

Continue to "stand tall" in life Brady—and I don't just mean your 5'6"+ frame!!!   Make sure you keep doing the good things you've been doing so you  become a man that others can "look up" to.

I look forward to seeing what lies ahead for you in 2017 and beyond.  I'm thankful to have you as my son. 

Love, Dad

"The Boy" at bat during SMYO Fall Baseball

Brady singing with Operation Faith on Christmas Eve at church

Brady and Becca at the pumpkin patch this fall.

Everyone likes a sharp dressed Boy :).
Playing Escape from Titanic on Thanksgiving Day
at grandmomy's apartment.

Brady's Webelo-II "Arrow of Light" Den

Brady at Extreme Baseball's Winter Clinic

Brady singing at the Winter Concert

Dad, Brady, and Becca at the pumpkin patch this fall.
Brady playing chess in our garage with his friend Jack.

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