Thursday, May 8, 2008

Brady Returns to Daycare… Becca and Mom Visit the Doctor

Events from Thursday May 8

Brady went to daycare today. It was his first day back since our odyssey began almost a week ago. Who could've guessed things would play out the way they have the past week? Anyway, it was nice for Brady to get back to see his friends at daycare and it frees us up to do what needs to be done today, but Laurie and I miss having him with us. He's needing lots of mom and dad time right now as he adjusts to the fact that he now has a little sister. So far he has not asked to, "take her back," but I hear many older siblings have that reaction as they start realizing they now have a rival for mom and dad's affection—at least in their 2-year old mind.

Becca had her first visit to our pediatrician today. She got a good report. She's long at 20.5 inches—not surprising given her parents are both tall and her brother seems to be taller than average. She weighs in at 5 lbs, 13 oz, which is down some from her birthweight of 6 lbs, 6 oz, but it's not unusual to lose some weight early on. Dr. Fertsch also commented that she will probably have a large head. We're a "big headed" family I guess since my noggen is pretty good-sized and so is Brady's.

We also went to Laurie's ob/gyn to get the staples removed from Laurie's abdomen. The physical scars are healing pretty well, but the physical scars, while not trivial, are minor compared to the mental and emotional anguish of this past week. Those scars will take much longer to heal and may linger for the rest of our life in some form or fashion.
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