Friday, April 3, 2009

Brady's MRI Results

After a much longer wait than we hoped for, we got the results from Brady's MRI...  The delay, as we thought, was because the pediatrician and neurologist needed to talk to one another before they contacted us.  So, it's not a simple diagnosis...  (At this point I come to expect this.)

The good news is he does not have any "mass" which means no malignancy -- i.e., nothing that is growing or spreading.  But... (yes, unfortnately there's a but...) he does have, not one, but several "cysts"  on his brain.  (So in that sense, it's good that we happened to discover this during a cat scan in January and, despite the difficulties getting it done, went through with the MRI to examine it further.)

The neurologist's best guess, and that's what it is right now, is that these are "old" injuries to the brain -- i.e., might have happened at or before birth.  But frankly, they are a little uncertain about exactly what caused this, so can't say for sure it couldn't happen again. 

We simply don't know what if any impact this might have on Brady.  He's a little delayed with speech and a bit clumsy, but who knows if these two issue are related or not.  (I was pretty clumsy as a kid and still not all that graceful today.  He might just be like his dad...)  He has also had some seizures over the past couple years, but we think those are related to when he has a fever, especially given that I had similar seizures as a child. 

At the end of the day, we are relieved ... but still left with a fair amount of ambiguity over what might be going on with our son.  I'm learning that such is life... I don't have to like it, but I have to learn to "make peace" with it because it is not likely to change. 

Thanks to everyone that has been thinking and praying about us. Keep it up; we sure can use it. 

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